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    Zakynthos Car Hire


    Whether you’re a first time or seasoned traveller to the Island of ‘Zakynthos’ (Greek Ζάκυνθος, also called ‘Zante’ Italian name), one can truly say that without a doubt it is one of the most picturesque islands in the Ionian.

    We have put together a selection of our favorites The places we ourselves as locals tend to visit. Our ‘Top 10’ guide has only just a chosen few places, this magical Island has hidden beauties all over just waiting for the adventurous traveller to discover. We wish you a wonderful stay and hope that with your hire car in Zante you will try to get out of the main tourist resorts and get to know the ‘Greek life’….’Our life’, we would love for you to share your holiday photos with us on our Facebook page and at the same time be entitled to future exclusive offers……wishing you a great stay, the EuroHire Team.

    Zante Sightseeing Shipwreck (Navagio)

    On hiring your car, a must for all to visit is the North West coast of Zakynthos.  Here you will find the ‘Shipwreck’ or ‘Smugglers Cove’, also called the ‘Navagio’, probably the most famous beaches in Greece and one of …

    Zante Sightseeing Blue Caves

    Many of the caves can be visited  with a small to medium size boat, others can be visited only by strong swimmers and divers. The Caves are situated between Agios Nikolaos and Skinari Cape. If do not want to go …

    Zante Sightseeing Porto Limnionas

    Porto Limnionas is located on the west part of Zante, only 7 km away from Agios Leon. To get to this Blue Lagoon in your hire car, you must drive though some of the most picturesque parts of Zakynthos.  The …

    Zante Sightseeing Kampi Sunset

    The tiny village of Kampi lies on Zante’s western coast, the dramatic cliffs at the edge of the village look out to the Ionian Sea and boast the best sunset views on the island. It’s a one-road village with many …

    Zante Sightseeing Marathonisi (Turtle Island)

    Take a drive in your hire car out to the bay of Laganas or Agios Sostis. From here hire your own speedboat and experience your own Robinson Crusoe day out. ‘Marathonisi’ also called Turtle Island, due to its shape, is …

    Zante Sightseeing Keri Caves

    Once out in your rented car, one must head South West to the area of Keri. Here you will find the old village of ‘Keri’ where time has stood still, one can still sense the village lifestyle. Driving through the …

    Zante Sightseeing Cameo Island

    Cameo is a small island off the shore of Laganas bay, Zante. once part of the island of Zante it was cut off from the main island during an earthquake in 1633.  The bridge to the island is one of …

    Zante Sightseeing St. Dionysis Church

    This beautiful church is the Islands largest and is dedicated to the protector of the island St. Dionysis. It is located along the sea front  of Zakynthos, built in 1948 resisting the earthquake in 1953. The churches bell tower is …

    Zante Sightseeing Zante Town

    During your holiday in Zante, you might choose to spend a morning or evening in Zante Town, the islands charming capital. Zakynthos Town is located on the middle of the eastern coast of Zakynthos. The architecture and style of Zante …

    Zante Sightseeing Bochali

    Just above Zante Town, an easy drive in your hire car, is Bochali. Overlooking the town and the whole southern hemisphere of Zakynthos. You can visit Bochali either by morning or by night experiencing a relaxing atmosphere, taking advantage of …